My Health Record integrated into Genie Solutions

The Australian government’s My Health Record has been integrated with Genie and Gentu, practice management offerings from software maker Genie Solutions.

Thanks to Genie Solutions’ integrated cloud platform that connects to both desktop and Genie cloud software, medical specialists now have the ability to upload clinical documents to the national digital health records platform.

Both practice management products will have a direct link to My Health Record so that physicians can consult their patient records.

Genie Solutions users can access information about their patients, including shared health summaries, discharge summaries, prescription and dispensing records, pathology and diagnostic imaging reports, and immunization information. .

“It is part of our mission to streamline practice management, to simplify the lives of our clients and the care they are able to offer their patients.[s] more comprehensive, ”said James Scollay, CEO of Genie Solutions.

ACC signs 3-year cloud agreement with Microsoft

The Accident Compensation Corporation, the agency that administers New Zealand’s no-fault accidental injury compensation scheme, has signed a three-year cloud services agreement with Microsoft.

The government entity is the first to sign the pledge since a whole-of-government agreement was signed between the multinational technology provider and the Home Office earlier this year.

This new agreement means that ACC will migrate its operations to Microsoft Azure cloud services. It will also enable “more linked use of data” so that we can deliver “better” care paths “and deliver” more equitable health outcomes across Aotearoa, “said Peter Fletcher, chief technology officer and director. innovation at ACC.

This is in addition to VAC’s investment in Microsoft 365 and the deployment of Teams and Sharepoint across its 3,800-strong team.

“Through this agreement, we will have the flexibility to manage data in a way that meets the needs of our organization as well as our regulatory requirements, and that provides even greater security for personal information at a lower cost,” Fletcher added.

“With better knowledge, we not only help prevent injuries and create more common pathways through our healthcare system, but we also save our healthcare providers time that can be spent seeing more patients, ”also commented Microsoft New Zealand Managing Director Vanessa Sorenson.

ADHA wants the summary of the transfer of elderly care to be added to my health record by 2023

The Australian Digital Health Agency has an industry offer for a Clinical Information System that will add the Elderly Care Handover Summary to my health record.

The CIS should be able to create, upload and upload senior care handover summary documents with the national digital health record platform, as well as send or receive them via secure messaging.

The agency is also looking for an electronic medication management system that will be able to create, download and upload medication lists shared by pharmacists with My Health Record and send or receive these lists via secure messaging as well.

The target installations for the two systems, which are intended for “five separate elderly care facilities”, have been set for December 2023. ADHA proposes a range between 100,000 and 150,000 Australian dollars (75,000 to 110,000 dollars) for this project.

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