Repair broken electronic health record system

There has been a terrible feeling in Spokane and eastern Washington that the Veterans Affairs Department is leaving Mann-Grandstaff without addressing serious issues with the new electronic health record (EHR) system. I continue to hear disturbing stories related to patient safety, staff morale, efficiency and overall care from patients and providers.

This is unacceptable, and that is exactly what I said to Deputy Secretary of Veterans Affairs Donald Remy this week. During a House Veterans Committee hearing, I shared these stories of desperation with the Assistant Secretary and told him we need answers and results before the VA deploys the EHR in d ‘other VA facilities.

The good news is that Assistant Secretary Remy has pledged to visit Mann-Grandstaff in the coming weeks to see these issues firsthand. Today, I officially requested to participate in this visit, as I believe it will be essential in getting a clear picture of the issues facing veterans, staff and healthcare providers at Mann-Grandstaff. .

I am committed to working with everyone at the VA – both Washington, DC and Spokane – to bring the DSE project to fruition, and I will keep you posted on the progress we make.

Click here to learn more about my efforts to improve the EHR system, restore 24 hour emergency care, and hold the VA accountable.

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