PULLMAN – The Pullman Regional Hospital board of commissioners has voted to move forward with the implementation of Epic, a new electronic medical records system for the hospital and its network of clinics. The hospital said Epic will pursue a vision of a patient, a recording so that current health information for patients is in a safe place. The hospital has been pursuing this initiative since 2017.

Epic is the most widely used electronic medical record in the country and Washington state, with 59% of hospitals nationwide and 77% of hospitals in Washington using it.

“The vision of a single electronic medical record is patient-centered care”, said Scott Adams, CEO of Pullman Regional Hospital. “It’s having the most accurate information at your fingertips from your provider so those in your care can make a complete and accurate diagnosis, it’s transparent planning and it allows patients to easily access and easily to a complete record of their medical history. . “

The hospital will partner with Providence to use Epic.

“We needed a partner to implement this technology because we are a small hospital” said Jeannie Eylar, chief clinical manager at the Pullman Regional Hospital. “After researching options, we chose Providence because of long-standing relationships, the ability to see more data points with the specialists we transfer to, and Providence’s experience with over 20 hospitals in critical access to implement the Epic electronic medical record. “

Epic will replace Meditech Magic, which will be discontinued in 2023. The upgrade will also include the implementation of Workday, a cloud-based software, which supports operations, financial management such as invoicing, accounts receivable, asset management, supply orders, contract management and payroll. . This one system will replace Meditech and a variety of other platforms that performed all of these functions.

“Epic was a proven EMR in my experience working at Seattle Children’s,” said pediatrician Dr Jonathan Lee. “This technology gives me real-time access to my patient data, which is especially critical when your patients are children. It is the best solution for a modern system for a hospital and a community like ours.

The cost of implementing the project is $ 5 million, which includes the purchase of Epic and Workday, with the majority of costs allocated to onboarding, building and testing modules, staff training and education. The ongoing annual support fee of $ 1 million is equivalent to Meditech’s current annual fee paid by the hospital.

“The initial investment may seem high, but the efficiency that we will gain, and above all, the benefit for patients, will be increased tenfold” said Sheri Cutler, director of clinical informatics at Pullman Regional Hospital. “We will be able to schedule patients transparently, make real-time referrals and have real-time pre-authorization. This means that the waiting time is drastically reduced from a few weeks to a few minutes. “

The implementation will take about a year. Epic is expected to go live for patients and providers in March 2023 for the Pullman Regional Hospital and its network of clinics, including Palouse Health Clinic (Palouse, WA), Palouse Heart Center, Palouse Pediatrics (Moscow and Pullman), Palouse Psychiatry & Behavioral Health, Palouse Sleep Medicine, Pullman Family Medicine, Pullman Foot & Ankle, Pullman Surgical Associates, Summit Therapy & Health Services and the WSU Family Medicine Residency Clinic.

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