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Electronic medical records forensics apply to HIPAA privacy breaches, medical malpractice and medical bill fraud litigation

NEWPORT BEACH, Calif., July 7, 2021 / Law Firm Newswire / – No World Borders, Inc. has announced that it is expanding its expert healthcare consulting and technology services with its medical litigation consulting firm. legal electronic health records. Medicare and Medicaid have provided more than $ 35 billion in stimulus funds to encourage hospitals and physicians to become meaningful users of electronic health records. As a result, new forensic data is now available for experts who know how to find it.

Michael F. Arrigo, CEO of No World Borders, said: “Lawyers dealing with privacy, medical malpractice and HIPAA health insurance fraud litigation benefit from knowing who, what, when and where. doctors documented the information. Information can be obtained about the medical decisions they make. manufactured. ”Arrigo continued,“ The HITECH Act created clinical decision support, logs for drug-related adverse events, including those related to opioids, which is useful in detecting drug diversion and behaviors drug research under the Controlled Substances Act, and electronic drug administration (eMAR) artifacts in the EHR. Forensic audits can now determine the accuracy of what litigants are producing. new diagnostic imaging results to prescribing physicians is also part of the safety mechanisms of the EHR.

Key industry development

The company’s EHR Forensics capability includes an experienced team in clinical medicine, healthcare demand data analysis, and EHR certification and implementation. This expertise is invaluable in educating clients, courts and the trier of fact regarding standards, including:

About Michael F Arrigo

Michael F Arrigo is an expert in electronic health records. He was recently quoted in Fortune magazine about electronic health records and a “new era” of healthcare fraud. Clients include federal agencies, patient plaintiff attorneys, and hospital and physician defendants.

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No World Borders was founded in 2000. The company has a group of experts and technologies focused on solving complex problems related to data, regulations and healthcare economics and has offices across United States. its website.

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