Gurgaon: Digital healthcare provider MyHealthcare has launched Electronic Medical Records (EMRs) systems to maintain a patient database and help physicians working in cardiology, pediatrics, endocrinology, healthcare, and healthcare. Obstetrics and Gynecology and ENT to ensure better medical outcomes in addition to improving delivery. care throughout its health care network.

Developed in collaboration with leading healthcare specialists in MyHealthcare’s partner network, EMR uses technological solutions to provide clinical care to patients. They have partnered with global technology providers, including Amazon, Microsoft and others, to integrate digital clinical solutions into a vast health data lake that the company uses to create a longitudinal clinical map of patients.
The EMR platform has been integrated into major networks of diagnostic providers working with MyHealthcare, such as Healthians, Dr Lal Path Labs and Metropolis, in addition to home care providers.

According to this Gurugram-based healthcare startup, EMRs were designed to function as an assistive tool for clinicians with a library of care protocols, a clinical decision support system, a database of formularies for over 19,000 drugs and an AI-based voice-to-text engine. to save all clinical notes and diagnostic information. Based on the information collected through the features mentioned above, the EMR platform draws a comprehensive picture of a patient’s medical history and relevant diagnostic reports with trend analysis, clinical markers and alerts to help. physicians to collect information about patients for treatment, thereby improving the efficiency of care. childbirth and improve a clinician’s efficiency by more than 70 percent.

Elucidating the rationale for introducing EMR technology, Shyatto Raha, Founder and CEO of MyHealthcare, said, “Our goal is to bring the latest digital technology advancements into the ecosystem to ensure we are able to deliver functional and user-friendly solutions for patients, doctors and healthcare partners. We have invested in building a platform designed by clinicians, for clinicians. Each of our specialized EMRs has been developed under the guidance of the best specialists from our network of hospital and clinic partners. We strive to provide the most relevant technological solutions, based on the best global standards of care, to deliver better patient care outcomes. “

Regarding the extension of EMR technology to other specific areas of health, Raha added, “Over the next few months, we will be adding specialized EMRs to the clinical ecosystem for IVF, oncology, neurology and more. Moreover. We are working to expand our supplier network, with more hospitals, specialty clinics, diagnostics and pharmacy suppliers. Committed to using the power of digital technology and AI to democratize healthcare in India ”,

MyHealthcare has also launched a suite of health services on WhatsApp, remote monitoring of patient care for diabetes and heart management through partnerships with specialty hospitals, diagnostic providers and device companies such as Omron, Kardia mobile, Abbott’s Freestyle Libre and Accu-Chek to make quality healthcare more accessible. in underserved areas.

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