Jordan Sloan, 15-year-old star football player made medical history by successfully surviving a serious and fatal brainstem injury with massive bleeding treated with high-dose vitamin D3 therapy

Internationally renowned trauma surgeon and award-winning medical expert in vitamin D3, Dr Leslie Ray Matthews successfully treated a high school football star with high-dose vitamin D3.

(March 25, 2021 – Marietta, Georgia) 15-year-old soccer player Jordan Sloan is the first person in medical / soccer history in the world to survive a blunt traumatic injury with severe trunk hemorrhage brain after receiving a high dose of vitamin D The brain stem controls breathing, heart rate, blood pressure and reflexes. One hundred percent (100%) of these patients died at the scene of the accident.

Jordan Sloan, the 15-year-old wide receiver and Pace Academy football star, survived a severe head injury from a blow to the back of his helmet and collapsed. After the incident, Jordan had to be airlifted to the Scottish Rite Children’s Hospital where a CT scan of the head revealed severe bleeding in the brainstem requiring immediate surgery. Jordan has made remarkable improvements and Dr Matthews expects a full recovery.

Meanwhile, Jordan’s Aunt Kelly read about Leslie Ray Matthews, MD, FACS, FCCM, the pioneering work of a recently retired ICU trauma / surgery surgeon using high doses of vitamin D3 in patients. having suffered a head trauma. Dr Matthews is also an overseas member of the prestigious Royal Society of Medicine (RSM). He pioneered the use of a “high dose vitamin D3” in the treatment of concussions and head injuries. On December 10, 2019, Dr. Matthews was granted the first US patent for the treatment of concussions and head injuries using high-dose vitamin D3.

Dr Matthews started seeing and treating Jordan as an outpatient hospital consultant for the first time on his twelfth day in the hospital and started him on high dose vitamin D3 therapy. After that Jordan began to gradually improve over the next 4.5 weeks of his 100 days in the hospital. After being released from the hospital, Jordan will spend an additional 65 days in rehabilitation at the Shepherd Rehab Center, where he relearns to walk, communicate and begins lifting weights.

On March 9, 2021, Jordan returned home with outpatient rehabilitation. He communicates with his computer. Currently, he is waiting for his tracheal tube to be removed. The use of vitamin D3 was indeed “God’s miracle vitamin” for Jasmine and Jordan, and she recovered her son from what was considered a one hundred percent (100%) insurmountable injury.

By Jasmine Jamieson on her GoFundMe page, “On September 25, 2020, our lives changed forever when Jordan suffered an unimaginable tragedy playing the sport he loves most. In the days, weeks, and even months after the crash, we weren’t sure at first if Jordan might one day wake up, or if he’d ever been able to breathe on his own or move part of his body. body, and beyond, we didn’t know if he would be the same Jordan we knew if he had.

Jordan’s survival is truly a miracle; However, Jordan still has a long way to go in this recovery process. Fundraiser for Jasmine Jamieson by Susan Chana: Support Jordan Sloan’s Recovery

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