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WAUSAU – What do you know about your family medical history?

The answer could save your life.

Aspirus offers genetic counseling services that can help you determine your own inherited health risks, or those of other family members, and find out how personalized medicine can impact your health.

“It’s not like one of those DNA kits you send out to find out about your family ancestry,” says Victoria Ballard, Aspirus’ genetic counselor. “We are looking at a specific panel of genes to see if there are any potential problems.”

Genetic counseling services are commonly used to determine a person’s risk of developing or transmitting hereditary cancer, heart disease, pediatric disease and prenatal disease.

A genetic counselor like Victoria will help you:

-Find your chance to contract certain diseases

-Decide if a genetic test is right for you

-Find out how knowing your genetic makeup can help you prevent or manage disease so you can make more informed healthcare decisions.

“The more information we can get, the better,” says Victoria. “This is one of the many great tools Aspirus has to improve the lives of our patients. “

To learn more or to make an appointment, call 715-847-0450 or 844-212-4556, or email

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