If you are like most people, you have a number of health concerns and may see many doctors and pharmacies in your lifetime. But how many people actually keep track of their medical records?

We keep financial, auto, and even animal records, but most people thought it was their doctor’s job to keep their health information and know everything about it. But the reality is that we see different doctors throughout our lifetimes. Our medical information can often be dispersed among several clinics, hospitals and laboratories.

Having your medical file with a history of our health could save lives – ours!

Data8 Sdn Bhd noted a significant gap in efforts to empower patients in their health journey. With this in mind, Data8 is developing HEART, a personalized health application that allows patients / users to collect and store their medical data, and to be able to share it securely with physicians and health practitioners accordingly in their health journey. The platform is built on blockchain technology to ensure data privacy and security.

“Throughout our lives, we see various doctors for different health issues and the information is scattered all over the place. With cHEART, we make it easy for people to have the platform to store their medical data securely.

“We have the power to get the best health care possible and even save our own lives. It means taking charge of your own health information. And support begins with monitoring your medical records, ”said Rajifah Ramli, co-founder and CEO of Data8.

According to statistics, 80 percent of healthcare professionals rely on information in their medical file to make an accurate diagnosis and recommend the right treatment plan. This information is arguably more important than any other. Imagine the difficulty of making a diagnosis, let alone recommending the right treatment, if the information (including your medical history) is unavailable, incorrect or incomplete. Such data is very important, especially in an emergency.

cHEART is designed to help and support users and patients throughout their health journey – when people are healthy and when they are sick – in early detection, chronic cases and management of disease. rehabilitation.

This can be an important tool in keeping people healthy – to monitor their vital signs, for example. blood pressure, glucose levels, BMI, SpO2 and memorize their medical conditions such as allergies and other medical conditions.

cHEART is particularly useful for patients with NCD (noncommunicable disease) such as those with high blood pressure, diabetics, etc. to monitor their health and get online consultations with their doctors. With medical records accessible on their mobile phone, patients can easily share the data with their doctors for medical advice. cHEART enables the sharing of documents such as prescriptions, medical certificates, medical tests and more to be shared securely on the platform.

In addition to mobile applications for patients, cHEART also offers a platform for physicians so that physicians can access patient data and add data accordingly. cHEART also has a telemedicine function for easy remote consultation with doctors anytime, anywhere.

Data security
It is important to guarantee the confidentiality and security of data in the field of health, because we must protect patient information and personal health data. cHEART is built on blockchain technology to ensure data security.

“We believe this the exchange of health information will be essential to advance the health care industry. The blockchain will essentially contribute to interoperability by streamlining efficiency, making healthcare a feasible and profitable reality for all. The ability to transmit patient records in a safe and secure manner will, in turn, allow hospitals and other healthcare providers to view patient data across geographic boundaries. Blockchain technology will help create better privacy standards within the industry, ”said Rajifah commenting on the use of blockchain technology for cHEART.

Data8 also engaged CyberSecurity Malaysia to perform cryptographic algorithm validation testing and blockchain security assessment on cHEART.

Various applications of cHEART
Data8 is one of the companies selected under the National Technology and Innovation Sandbox Initiative (NTIS), under the Ministry of Science, Technology and Innovation (MOSTI) which aims to encourage innovation projects premises as well as to accelerate the development of new technological solutions. NTIS encourages the use of new technologies / innovations, e.g. blockchain, AI and others, by local businesses to solve community issues such as in healthcare and medicine

As part of this project, Data8 is collaborating with Kuala Lumpur Hospital and Sungai Buloh Hospital and cHEART is used to provide follow-up services to patients after discharge. After discharge, patients can still monitor and share their vital signs, such as blood pressure, with their doctors and perform follow-up visits using telemedicine functions. Patients do not have to come to the hospital for their follow-up visits and can meet with doctors from the comfort of their own homes.

“The pilot started in February of this year. It’s time to introduce this during the pandemic, as non-critical patients can still access consultations and medical services safely, without having to go to the hospital. The HKL and HSgBuloh emergency team led by Dato ‘Dr Mahathar has been very supportive of adopting new technologies for the benefit of patients, ”said Ainul Rofidza Ibrahim, co-founder and COO of Data8.

In addition, Data8, the winner of Digital health innovation challenge 2021 is also working with Pahang State to provide cHEART to Pusat Internet Komuniti to provide medical services to unserved and underserved communities in rural areas. “We work with various partners such as Telekom Malaysia, FWD, AstraZeneca and various Klinik Kesihatan. Partnering with like-minded partners is important to provide better access to health care to diverse communities B40; »Said Ainul further.

According to Ainul, cHEART can also be customized to monitor COVID-19 patients who are quarantined at home. Recently, Data8 had introduced Jabatan Kesihatan Negeri Kedah and Pahang to provide such services and help the front lines deal with the high number of COVID19 cases, using technology.

Health is real wealth – patient empowerment
The COVID-19 pandemic has raised awareness of the importance of health, especially in prevention and mental health. This is dramatically driving the demand to leverage technology to better manage our journey and our healthcare systems. “We have seen greater public interest in taking better care of their health. It is common for families to now check their PA, SpO2 at home. Just make sure that all of this data is entered correctly so that your doctors can check your history and medical information, ”Rajifah said.

If you want to start tracking and keeping your medical data and be “sihat”, you can download HEART, available on Playstore and iOS. The demo request is also available for general practitioners. For more details, you can visit www.cheart.io or www.data8.my.

This content is provided by the Malaysian Global Innovation & Creativity Center (MaGIC).

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