Bengaluru: HealthPlix Technologies, an AI-powered EMR software, today announced the release of the Prescription Summary Dashboard (PSD) for Physicians. The AI ​​feature helps physicians use real-time scans and analyze their historical prescriptions with just a few clicks and allows them to identify different patient cohorts and the treatment they are receiving.

The PSD, a user-friendly interface model, would be a research-oriented platform that allows a patient’s medical history to be deepened. This dashboard provides a comprehensive practice overview with aggregated prescription analysis, enabling physicians to increase engagement with patients. Backed by analytical capabilities, it enables physicians to find areas for improvement to achieve better patient outcomes.

Shedding light on the software, Sandeep Gudibanda, CEO of Healthplix Technologies, says the ability to provide physicians with a simple visual representation of a patient’s prescription history, supported by analytics, has the potential to improve outcomes. health outcomes and transform the doctor-patient relationship. . Informed that PSD strives to equip physicians with analytical tools focused on mapping the longitudinal health path of a patient.

This prescriptive analysis uses patient health information to help physicians plan advanced treatment, assess high-risk patients, and process a large amount of patient information very efficiently. It further helps predict which patients are most at risk and proactively connect with them to minimize it.

Commenting on the technology, Chaitanya Raju, Chief AI Officer, said: “Currently, doctors have no way of getting information about the drugs given to a specific cohort of patients and it is a tedious process with a potential for misinterpretation. The Summary Dashboard is a one-click, in-depth analysis tool for physicians that makes patient care more efficient. He will help physicians with solutions that will help them save time, provide superior care, and improve the clinical experience.

Major public health incidents such as COVID-19 have the characteristics of being uncertain, sudden and dangerous and analysis tools such as PSD bring a new aspect to physicians to anticipate developments, respond to incidents with speed, precision and agility leading to effective treatment of patients and control of their health.

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