“HOPE LifeMark-SX” supports a wide range of physician tasks such as the treatment of chronic diseases and the medical treatment associated with the new corona vaccination.

Fujitsu Japan to support a wide range of doctors’ work, such as the treatment of chronic diseases and medical treatment based on changes in the physical condition of patients before and after vaccination with the new Corona, an electronic record system for patients. clinics.

“FUJITSU Healthcare Solution HOPE LifeMark-SX” and Welby Co., Ltd., a leading PHR company, will begin to cooperate with the “Welby My Card” PHR platform, which has proven successful in more than 20,000 medical facilities , from June 1. , 2021.

Through this collaboration, physicians can access “Welby My Map” launched from “HOPE LifeMark-SX” so that patients can enter “Welby My Chart” and cooperate with daily meals and exercise with their consent. You can see records, vital information, etc. while referring to the information contained in the electronic medical record.

This will allow us to provide extensive and detailed support, from preventive medical care to medical care, such as the provision of dietary advice and exercise, to patients with chronic diseases such as diabetes and hypertension.

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