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The medical history of US presidents is ...

WASHINGTON – Throughout American history, one uncomfortable truth has been evident: Presidents have lied about their health. In some cases the problems were minor, in others quite serious. Sometimes it took decades for the public to learn the truth. Now President Trump has been diagnosed with COVID-19. The White House initially said he had “mild […]

Virus result highlights Donald Trump’s m

Donald Trump’s positive coronavirus test has refocused attention on the president’s health, which has been the source of speculation throughout his tenure. Mr. Trump, who was the oldest person ever to be elected president for a first term, often boasted of his good health, using it as a campaign tactic against Hillary Clinton in the […]

Red flags of common medical history in C...

Red flags regarding medical history, including the onset of headaches after age 50, history of cancer, and the presence of immunosuppression, were present in almost all patients with 2019 coronavirus disease (COVID -19) who developed headaches, according to a study conducted in Headache. Spanish researchers have sought to assess the frequency of the main red […]