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Language in patient records can convey m...

The language of a patient’s medical record can convey information not only about the patient’s state of health, but also about the attitude of the clinician writing the report, with negative attitudes creating potential for stigma, new analysis finds .1 A team of researchers analyzed the linguistic characteristics of 600 encounter notes concerning 507 patients, […]

Detailed physical examination, key to me...

August 16, 2021 2 minutes to read Source / Disclosures Published by: Source: Femia AN. Dermatology for the Rheumatologist, Part I. Presented at: Annual Congress of Clinical Rheumatology-East; August 12-15, 2021 (hybrid meeting). Disclosures: Femia does not report any relevant financial disclosure. ADD A SUBJECT TO E-MAIL ALERTS Receive an email when new articles are […]

UB Students Create Neglected Medical His...

Jamal Williams and Megan Conrow-Graham are doctoral students at the Jacobs School of Medicine hosting “Reclaim the Bench”. BUFFALO, New York – Amid a global pandemic and racial calculation, doctoral students Jamal Williams and Megan Conrow-Graham had an idea. During their time at the University of the Jacobs School of Medicine in Buffalo, they spoke […]

Thinking about my son’s medical history

I recently accompanied my youngest son to his comprehensive health check-up at Ted R. Montoya Hemophilia Treatment Program and Center. Located in Albuquerque and affiliated with the University of New Mexico Hospital System, the center is our primary hemophilia treatment center. “MacDonald the Younger” started seeing the responsible hematologist at the age of 6 months. […]

British man suffers from first ‘vertical

iStockphoto There probably aren’t two words in English that instinctively make every man who reads them louder when placed next to each other instinctively back down than “penile fracture.” I sincerely hope that I will never be able to confirm whether this analogy is correct or not, but I can imagine that succumbing to this […]

Celebrating New York’s Medical History

New York has a rich medical history. Bellevue, now part of NYU, opened in 1736 and is America’s oldest hospital. The first American medical journal, The medical repository, was published in New York in 1797. The National Institutes of Health began as The Hygienic Laboratory on Staten Island in 1887. Established in 1768, the College […]

St. Luke’s Makes Pennsylvania Medical Hi

BETHLÉEM, Pennsylvania | Right after St. Luke’s neurosurgeon, Evan Marlin, MD, surgically removed his patient’s brain tumor earlier this month, it made Pennsylvania medical history. St. Luke’s announced that by placing five small collagen sponges, encrusted with radioactive seeds, into the brain cavity, Dr. Marlin was able to restore her patient’s health after her tumor. […]