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Etisalat Digital unveils cloud-based ele...

Providing world-class healthcare is one of the six pillars of the national agenda in line with the UAE’s 2021 vision. The government is working with all health authorities in the country to ensure that all public and private hospitals are accredited according to national and international quality standards. medical services and personnel. In line with […]

ARPA-H’s first challenge: the migration

MMost high-profile new initiatives start with something spectacular. President Biden’s proposed transformative biomedical agency, the Agency for Advanced Research Projects in Health (ARPA-H), is set to start with something mundane: the overhaul of the now ubiquitous electronic health record (EHR). Once hailed for their potential to transform U.S. healthcare into a modern data-driven business, electronic […]

Health registration company pays hospita...

Electronic health record company Epic offers financial incentives to healthcare systems that use its proprietary algorithms – and those algorithms can provide inaccurate predictions, a New statistics survey found. Epic is the largest electronic health records company in the United States and holds the health records of approximately 250 million people. The company has around […]

Why the VA Electronic Health Record mega...

Comment Why the VA Electronic Health Record mega-project is failing By Roger Baker Jul 26, 2021 The Department of Veterans Affairs is currently reassessing its electronic health records (EHRM) modernization effort of more than $ 16 billion. Faced with productivity and patient safety issues at its initial pilot site, subsequent deployments of the EHRM were […]

MIB collaborates with ReleasePoint to pr...

BRAINTREE, Mass., July 20, 2021 / PRNewswire / – MIB, the life insurance industry’s most trusted and secure partner for data-driven risk management and digital services, announced an agreement with ReleasePoint, a leading national medical record retrieval service providers, to provide attending physician statements (PDAs) to MIB clients. With this additional capacity, MIB customers will […]

UB Students Create Neglected Medical His...

Jamal Williams and Megan Conrow-Graham are doctoral students at the Jacobs School of Medicine hosting “Reclaim the Bench”. BUFFALO, New York – Amid a global pandemic and racial calculation, doctoral students Jamal Williams and Megan Conrow-Graham had an idea. During their time at the University of the Jacobs School of Medicine in Buffalo, they spoke […]

Thinking about my son’s medical history

I recently accompanied my youngest son to his comprehensive health check-up at Ted R. Montoya Hemophilia Treatment Program and Center. Located in Albuquerque and affiliated with the University of New Mexico Hospital System, the center is our primary hemophilia treatment center. “MacDonald the Younger” started seeing the responsible hematologist at the age of 6 months. […]

British man suffers from first ‘vertical

iStockphoto There probably aren’t two words in English that instinctively make every man who reads them louder when placed next to each other instinctively back down than “penile fracture.” I sincerely hope that I will never be able to confirm whether this analogy is correct or not, but I can imagine that succumbing to this […]